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Activities for Seniors in Springtime – Edmonton

Activities for Seniors in Springtime – EdmontonThere are a whole host of activities that become available to seniors when the warmer weather arrives.

Spring can be a wonderful season here in Canada, with buds growing back on trees, robins starting to visit again, longer days, and milder weather. Spring is a time where those who find the cold and dark of winter difficult can take a sigh of relief and step out into the fresh, colourful season.

After a winter spent doing activities that keep themselves out of the harsh cold, seniors are often excited to take part in the many activities that become more accessible and available when the milder spring weather hits. Taking time to engage with hobbies, games, nature, and general fun is incredibly beneficial for cognitive, physical, and emotional wellbeing on many levels.

Here is a list of a few suggestions of ways seniors can get out and start to celebrate spring with activities that are fun, engaging, and manageable. No matter what is of interest or what physical capabilities are at play, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Try Birdwatching: Birds are beautiful, interesting, and lovely to observe. Seniors can go out to special birdwatching spots or can just try putting out a bird feeder in their back yards to see what shows up. Seniors who find birds interesting can then learn more about birds and take it on as a new learning experience and hobby.
  • Explore Outdoor Walks: There are so many beautiful places to go for a walk out in nature to enjoy the new life of the spring season. Trails with wheelchair accessibility and ample resting points and benches are available so that seniors who have different levels of mobility can enjoy parks and walking paths. Seniors can also cycle or hike out in nature in the spring.
  • Sit on a Patio: When the weather gets warmer, the opportunity to sit and enjoy a drink or a meal outside on a patio becomes an option again. Whether it be a restaurant, coffee shop, bistro, or just a home porch or deck, getting outside to sit and enjoy a meal, snack, or drink is a relaxing way to enjoy the fresh air.
  • Visit the Theatre: Experiencing the theatre is a great way to get out and do something fun alone or with friends and family. This is an all year activity, but theatre runs often have fresh new shows to see in the spring season. There are also new movies coming out all the time and seniors can enjoy a trip to the cinema to see what sparks their interest.
  • Have a Picnic: Sitting outside on a picnic bench or blanket on the beach or in a park is the quintessential spring and summer activity. Seniors can make plans to meet up with friends to sit, chat, eat, read, or play cards together outside.
  • Spring Clean: Spring is a great time to freshen things up and clear out clutter that has been accumulating over the winter. A little spring clean at home or around the neighbourhood can help make enjoying spring even more wonderful and comfortable.
  • Get in the Kitchen: With farmer’s markets opening again, more produce coming back into season, and so many fresh things to explore, spring can be a great time to get in the kitchen with friends and get cooking.
  • Cultivate a Garden: Gardening is a great hobby that can give seniors something to focus on, cultivate, and care for through the spring and summer. Getting out in the spring and starting to plan a garden, visiting the nursery to pick up plants, and getting things rolling can be a great activity for seniors. Whether it is at home in the yard or at a community garden seniors can spend time outside and work on something tangible they can enjoy.

The above list is by no means an exhaustive one, and the number of things that seniors can spend time exploring in the spring is unending. For every senior with any interest and level of ability, there is something out there that can get them out in the world and enjoying the magic of springtime.

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