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How Assistance Dogs Can Help Seniors – Edmonton

Assistance dogs take on the roles of aide, helper, friend, companion, and, often, beloved family member. Assistance dogs are dedicated, hardworking, skilled, and capable of meeting the needs of their human partners, to whom they provide an invaluable service that helps to improve quality of life, comfort, and safety. Assistance Dogs can be valuable companions and helpers for seniors who are facing the diverse challenges that can come with growing older. Just the companionship and connectedness that an animal offers can be deeply valuable for seniors’ mental health, but Assistance Dogs can also help some seniors to perform tasks and can also work to keep them safer and more at ease at home and out in the world. In exploring the many different roles that Assistance Dogs can fill in seniors’ lives on top of just being a friend and companion, we can see that Assistance Dogs have a lot to offer seniors as they continue to grow older. Types of Assistance Dogs Assistance Dogs can fill a whole bunch of different roles and provide a diverse array of different services and supports for people facing specific challenges related to their neurological, physical, or mental health, and can also just be wonderful partners and friends. The list of roles and jobs that Assistance Dogs can fill and perform continues to grow, so let’s explore some of the different types of Assistance Dogs that help to enrich the lives of people of all ages, including seniors. Allergy Detection Dogs: With more and more people suffering from allergies, a new category of medical Assistance Dog has become available. Allergy Detection Dogs...