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Foot Care for Seniors

Our feet work hard to carry us through our daily lives, and keeping them healthy is essential for continued mobility and the sense of independence that accompanies it. Having feet that are in a state of ill-health can come to impact seniors’ lives in hugely meaningful ways. Caring for one’s own feet can become more challenging for seniors, and it can become easy to neglect podiatric health, but it is important to implement support systems, relevant forms of care, and other strategies that direct attention towards caring for seniors feet in appropriate ways in order to avoid the various concerns, conditions, and diseases that can afflict them. Feet and Overall Health It has been said that our feet can act as indicators of the overall state of health of our bodies. It is even true that some health conditions that have pervasive effects on the body, such as arthritis, circulatory problems, and diabetes, are first detected when signs and symptoms are noticed in the feet. For this reason, it is important to monitor seniors’ feet and seek consultation with a healthcare professional whenever changes occur or new difficulties arise. Some things to look out for that may indicate greater health concerns include: Numbness Tingling Constant Feelings of Cold Discolouration Dry Skin Weak Nails Seniors and Their Feet Seniors have been walking around on their feet for a great many years by the time they reach old age, and the accumulation of all the wear and tear, along with natural changes that come with aging, that has occurred over those years makes seniors’ feet more fragile and vulnerable to developing...