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Considering Seniors’ Nutrition in The Winter – Edmonton

When the winter weather hits and cold weather is in full force, seniors may find it more daunting to think about venturing out to the grocery store on a regular basis to get fresh produce, and might find themselves resorting to more prepared and packaged convenience foods. On top of this, there is a tendency for people to find themselves wanting just to eat comfort food when the weather is cold, which is absolutely fine as long as there is some balance and seniors are making sure that, along with those comforting foods that maybe aren’t the healthiest, they are also getting in ample fruits, vegetables, and nutrients.

How Assistance Dogs Can Help Seniors – Edmonton

Assistance Dogs can be valuable companions and helpers for seniors who are facing the diverse challenges that can come with growing older. Just the companionship and connectedness that an animal offers can be deeply valuable for seniors’ mental health, but Assistance Dogs can also help some seniors to perform tasks and can also work to keep them safer and more at ease at home and out in the world. In exploring the many different roles that Assistance Dogs can fill in seniors’ lives on top of just being a friend and companion, we can see that Assistance Dogs have a lot to offer seniors as they continue to grow older.

Showing Appreciation for Our Parents and Grandparents – Edmonton

But how often do we really take the time to express those feelings by telling or showing our parents and grandparents how much they mean to us and how deeply special they are? There are so many little ways we can remind our parents and grandparents not only that we love them, but also that they are valued and appreciated each and every day. The following list is made up of just a few ideas of things that can nurture our relationships with our parents and grandparents and show them how important they are.

Anxiety Disorders in the Elderly – Edmonton

When Anxiety becomes such a recurrent and dominant aspect of day-to-day life that it begins to overpower everything else and stops people from living happy, fulfilling, and enriching lives, however, it starts to become cause for concern. Anxiety Disorders can have a huge impact upon how people are able to live their daily lives, and can be really challenging to manage. While anyone can be faced with an Anxiety Disorder, certain aspects of life that are features of older age make seniors vulnerable to experiencing Anxiety Disorders. Worries associated with personal health, lower self-confidence, chronic pains, the loss of social connections as a result of death or isolation, and numerous medical conditions can all add up to create a web of worries that fill seniors’ daily lives with fears and anxieties. Cultivating an awareness of the types of anxieties that seniors may face, and learning how to identify and address them can help seniors and their loved-ones to work towards better managing Anxiety Disorders.

Physical Activity Is Important for Seniors’ Health and Wellbeing – Edmonton

Physical activity can feel more complicated in older age, and seniors might be discouraged by the fact that their bodies don’t work in the same ways they once did. While remaining aware and tending to feelings and sensations within the body that signal limitations is important, continuing to take part in some form of physical activity to keep up a level of fitness is still incredibly important for seniors. While seniors often need to go through a process of adjustment as they begin to face changes in mobility and physical ability as a result of the natural physiological changes and health issues that come along with ageing, there are always ways to incorporate some level of physical activity and movement into everyday life that can be deeply beneficial for both the physical and mental health and wellbeing of seniors in Edmonton. Incorporating Activity Physical activity and movement can help to build feelings of empowerment and connectedness with one’s own body that can help seniors to keep hold of a sense of independence and control. The following is a list of suggestions that can help seniors feel encouraged to integrate movement and physical activity into their lives on a regular basis: Make Movement Social: Make physical activity a social activity by engaging with friends or family members that will help keep you going and will interact with you as you move. Try taking part in a class with a friend or going for a walk with a companion so you can get in some physical activity while you have a chat. Choose Fun Activities: Choosing enjoyable forms of physical activity...

Caring for The Health of Seniors’ Bones – Edmonton

Our bones are some the areas of the body that are most greatly altered by the process of growing older, and more than half of seniors will face bone-related health issues like Osteoporosis and Arthritis. The weakening of bones that takes place because of these diseases can cause numerous negative outcomes like fractures, breaks, and falls that can lead to further damage to the body. These diseases can make everyday life uncomfortable, painful, and tough for seniors, so it is important to stay attentive in order to detect early warning signs and intervene promptly and appropriately to help avoid or minimize the impacts of bone diseases on seniors’ lives. Osteoporosis and Arthritis Osteoporosis and Arthritis are among the most common bone diseases that seniors encounter, but it should be noted that the two are different from one another. The impact of Osteoporosis is to weaken bones to the point that they start to break easily by reducing bone-density over time, while Arthritis is considered a more general condition that impacts the joints and tissues that surround them. Both diseases impact the body in their own unique ways, creating different symptoms and outcomes, but there are some lifestyle choices and behavioural measures that can be taken to attend to bone health in ways that can help to identify or protect against both Osteoporosis and Arthritis. Promoting Bone Health Keeping seniors healthy and working to avoid bone diseases requires a combination of both lifestyle changes and meetings with a health care professional to talk through risk factors or identify problems as promptly as possible. Perform Tests: There are a whole host...

Talking to Seniors About Personal Hygiene– Edmonton

Opening a dialogue about seniors’ ability to manage their own hygiene and personal care is important for ensuring that overall wellbeing and health are properly cared for. It is normal for a decline to occur in the personal hygiene that seniors are able to maintain on their own as they move further into older age, and there are a whole bunch of possible contributors to these changes.

Encouraging Seniors to Take Their Medication – Edmonton

Being prescribed various medications is very common for seniors, and while just taking the medications recommended by medical professionals may seem like a no-brainer, the reality for seniors can be more complicated. Thoughts, emotions, worries, capacities, and other barriers exist that impair seniors’ ability or willingness to take the medications they are prescribed, so it is important that loved-ones and caregivers make themselves aware of the various thoughts, emotions, judgements, and limitations that may get in the way of allowing seniors to stick to their medication plans, in order to help seniors take proper care of themselves while also being respectful of their points of view.

The Importance of Proper Nutrition for Seniors – Edmonton

As we grow older and our bodies evolve and change with the process of aging, nutritional requirements change too.
Seniors have a different set of nutritional needs in their older years than they did when they were younger, and many seniors’ diets are not properly altered to meet their bodies’ needs. To promote the best possible state of health and wellbeing, seniors and their caregivers should make themselves aware of what their bodies require in terms of vitamins, nutrients, and types of food.

The Value of Intergenerational Relationships for Seniors – Edmonton

Building and caring for new relationships, as well as strengthening existing ones, is a deeply important thing that adds fulfillment and meaning to seniors’ lives. As we move through different stages of life we come to learn and understand how valuable it is to forge connections with peers that are going through the same things we are at around the same time, because similarities often support an important level of understanding between individuals. For this reason, the vast majority of our friends and close relationships often end up being created within the bounds of our generation or within the same general age group as us. Groups that exist within our communities are often separated by age, but the truth is that there are a whole bunch of positive outcomes that can come from bringing people from different generations and age groups together to learn from one another and build strong, valuable, and fulfilling relationships beyond the boundaries of age or generation.

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