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Smoking Cessation for Seniors – Edmonton

Despite the fact that information regarding the harmful impacts that smoking has upon the health of our bodies is widespread, many seniors continue to smoke. The factors that motivate people to continue smoking are varied and diverse, whether smoking is nostalgic, a coping mechanism, a stable habit, or a deep-seated addiction. No matter what fuels an individual’s smoking habit, the act of smoking is a very challenging behaviour to quit. In order to reach a better state of overall health and wellbeing, it is crucial that seniors make moves towards ceasing smoking. While the task of letting go of a well-established habit or addiction is daunting and will undoubtedly be difficult, with the right support, strategies, and encouragement, seniors can work towards smoking cessation and can improve their health in important ways.

The Benefits of Reading for Seniors’ Wellbeing – Edmonton

Reading can give us an opportunity for a little bit of escape from the realities of our everyday lives, and can also allow us to feel any emotion on the spectrum, including joy, calm, and peace. Reading can be a wonderful hobby for people of any age, and many seniors enjoy the simple act of sitting down for a while with a book. With so many choices of things to read in the forms of books, magazines, newspapers, web-content, poetry, or any other collection of words, there is enough reading material out in the world to suit any interest, and the options are always expanding. More than just a fun and interesting hobby, reading also involves a whole host of different mental exercises that are incredibly helpful for the aging brain.

Helping Seniors Alleviate Knee Pain – Edmonton

Our knees go through a lot carrying us over the course of our lives, so they tend to become a sore spot as we reach older age.
Gravity, time, and general use all have an impact on the state of our knees, and all of these elements in conjunction with one another over the course of the many years that seniors have been walking, add up to create issues that can interfere with seniors’ mobility.

Attending to Loss of Appetite in Seniors-Edmonton

A whole host of different changes take place within our bodies as we age and enter new phases of life, and these changes and evolutions come to affect our lives in diverse ways. Behaviours concerning eating patterns and appetite are among the facets of life that often experience significant changes as we move into the senior years, and a great many seniors and those who care for them might find themselves noticing that a substantial decrease or total loss of appetite has taken place. It is important to make sure that a healthy diet filled with important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is consumed at all ages in order to promote optimal health, but this is especially pertinent for seniors whose state of health is in a more vulnerable position because of all the features that come along with older age. Seniors should keep themselves aware of potential contributors to differences in appetite, and should be attentive to changes that may indicate more widespread health issues. By remaining observant and aware of changes taking place in their habits and behaviours, seniors can be proactive about meeting with healthcare professionals in Edmonton in a timely manner to discuss issues with appetite as they come to light.

The Healing Powers of Laughter – Edmonton

Hearing laughter referred to as ‘the best medicine’ is something we are likely all familiar with. Most of us, however, are not fully aware of just how significant an impact the act of laughing can have upon both our bodies and our minds. Laughter is more than just an outward expression of happiness, and is actually connected to numerous processes within the body that can help to improve overall feelings of wellbeing, health, and wellness in terms of mind, body, and spirit. Seniors can reap great benefits from taking part in activities, interactions, and experiences that make them laugh, because the very act of laughing has the power to help add some light to the day and ward off worries and negativity.

Considering the Needs of Seniors with Autism – Edmonton

When it comes to growing older, there are always changing needs and new challenges to be addressed that come with age. With so many different facets of life undergoing their own changes, things like health, lifestyle, living situations, and personal and emotional care all impact how seniors live and experience their daily lives in older age. In the case of seniors with Autism, the intersections between Autism and the various changes that come along with growing older can often create unique challenges and experiences. In an attempt to appropriately consider and attend to the specific care needs of seniors with Autism, it is important that loved-ones and caregivers work towards building a well-rounded and conscious understanding of how Autism can impact the lived experiences of seniors, how Autism can interact to create differences or exaggerations in the experience of age-related health concerns, and how best to be behave and conduct oneself in a respectful and compassionate way as decisions are made concerning how best to address care.

Tips for Helping Seniors Take Proper Care of Their Skin – Edmonton

As we grow older and our bodies continue to undergo various changes related to health and age, it is necessary that we adapt our behaviours and routines to better meet the needs of our bodies as they evolve. Our skin, for example, becomes both weaker and increasingly sensitive as we age and this means that the ways in which we attend to and care for our skin must be revaluated and altered accordingly to better address the specific care needs of older, aging skin. Skin care routines and the practices that were sufficient and applicable in younger age might not have the same positive results on older skin, and the worries that exist related to skin-health are also different as our skin ages.

Identifying and Attending to Vision Loss in Seniors – Edmonton

There are many changes that take place for seniors and their bodies as they grow older, but one possible change that often troubles seniors is vision loss. While total loss of vision in the form of blindness is not something that all seniors will face, changes in vision and different manifestations of visual impairment are a common part of aging. The realities of visual impairment or complete vision loss can be challenging for seniors to accept, and the changes and adjustments to their lifestyles that need to be made can be overwhelming for both seniors and their caregivers. Identifying and attending to issues that may arise related to vision loss can help seniors in Edmonton to put strategies and structures into place that can help them continue to live active and fulfilling lives despite changes in vision.

How Practicing Mindfulness Can Enrich Seniors’ Lives – Edmonton

Mindfulness and the various elements that make up its practice, are topics that have become more widespread within today’s discourse, and more people than ever seem to be exploring Mindfulness as a concept, a practice, and a guide for how to manage various aspect of daily life. In association with the fact that more people are being made aware of information related to Mindfulness, a greater number of individuals are coming to understand and view it as a powerful and accessible set of tools and strategies that can be integrated into life in purposeful and meaningful ways to help foster a better mental state and overall feelings of wellbeing. While it seems as though the majority of the dialogue related to Mindfulness has been geared in the direction of younger age groups, who are considered to be in stages of life that are characterized by greater levels of overwhelming stress and responsibilities to keep up with, research has indicated that seniors can reap meaningful benefits from integrating Mindfulness-based practices into their lives.

Keeping Seniors Safe from Falls – Edmonton

Trips and falls are some of the most prevailing causes of injury for seniors, and the potentially harmful outcomes that a fall can have for seniors can impact the overall quality of life that they are able to experience moving forward in their lives.
Remaining vigilant and aware of the possible risk factors and dangers of falling, as well as the cautionary measures that can be taken to reduce the chances of falling, can help keep the seniors of Edmonton feeling safer and more at ease.

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