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Keeping Seniors Safe from Falls – Edmonton

Trips and falls are some of the most prevailing causes of injury for seniors, and the potentially harmful outcomes that a fall can have for seniors can impact the overall quality of life that they are able to experience moving forward in their lives.
Remaining vigilant and aware of the possible risk factors and dangers of falling, as well as the cautionary measures that can be taken to reduce the chances of falling, can help keep the seniors of Edmonton feeling safer and more at ease.

How Practicing Yoga Can Benefit Seniors – Edmonton

The practice of Yoga incorporates various elements of breath, movement, and reflection into an immersive experience that tends to the body, mind, and spirit in ways that foster feelings of connectedness. For aging seniors, practicing yoga can create an opportunity to participate in a gentle form of physical activity, that also offers a setting in which seniors can tend to themselves and cultivate a deeper awareness of themselves, their bodies, and how they connect to the world around them.

Helping Seniors Deal with Stress

Upon thinking about the stage of life in which seniors find themselves, we may find ourselves imagining calm and relaxing days filled with leisure time and free of overwhelming responsibilities. We tend to think about the later stages of life, during which things tend to be winding down, as pretty much free of stress, but the truth is that there are many features of senior life that can be stressful and difficult to manage without support. On top of the everyday stresses of life that still exist in older age, seniors also face challenges related to health concerns, loss of friends, family, or social circles, reduced levels of independence, and other typical features of older age that can cause immense feelings of stress. In an attempt to help seniors care for both their physical and mental health, it is important that loved-ones and caregivers understand the stresses that seniors may be facing, as well as the negative impacts that can come as a result if feelings of stress remain unaddressed and unattended.

Benefits of Outdoor Activities for Seniors

As seniors start to encounter more challenges and symptoms related to their health, they may find themselves conducting self-directed research and looking for treatments that can help to relieve discomfort and improve the overall sense of wellbeing that they experience day-to-day. While many forms of treatment require various procedural elements and consultations with healthcare professionals, there is one resource that offers seniors the opportunity to improve their quality of life, is always accessible, and has been proven to yield positive results: the great outdoors.

Creating a Comfortable Home Environment

Creating a Comfortable Home Environment. For seniors, living out their older years in their homes can mean a lot of time spent in the same physical space and environment. Growing older can often mean spending less time outside the home overall, whether it be as a result of health issues, reduced social involvements, or just the fact that a greater sense comfort might exist within the home. For this reason, it is important that seniors home environment not only meet their physical needs in terms of mobility and accommodation to the various changes that come along with aging, but also that their homes feel like spaces that are comfortable, pleasant, and filled with positive energy.

Seniors and Migraines

Dealing with a headache is always unpleasant, especially when the severity of the pain is enough to impact how you are able to engage in aspects of your everyday life. Having a migraine can take those feelings of frustration, discomfort, and annoyance that accompany a headache and amplify them to a debilitating degree. Migraines can be triggered by a whole host of different contributors and often involve multiple symptoms that can range from slightly uncomfortable all the way up to agonizing.

Importance of Play Seniors for Seniors in Greater Edmonton

Engaging in various forms of play is something that we can all view as enjoyable, but we may be more reluctant to view it as constructive. The common trend in today’s society is to place value upon busyness and goal-driven tasks and responsibilities, while we devalue acts that do not have tangible results or outcomes that seem objectively productive. The reality is, however, that playfulness is relevant and beneficial in its own uniquely important ways, and people of all ages, including seniors, should prioritize play and make it a part of their daily lives. What is Play? ‘Play’ can be understood and defined in numerous ways, and each person will likely have their own unique and personal understanding of just what activities and behaviours constitute play in their lives. The crucial idea that underlines all understandings of play is that playfulness involves taking part in activities for no reason other than that they provide joy, rather than in pursuit of a goal-oriented outcome.

Foot Care for Seniors

Our feet work hard to carry us through our daily lives, and keeping them healthy is essential for continued mobility and the sense of independence that accompanies it. Having feet that are in a state of ill-health can come to impact seniors’ lives in hugely meaningful ways. Caring for one’s own feet can become more challenging for seniors, and it can become easy to neglect podiatric health, but it is important to implement support systems, relevant forms of care, and other strategies that direct attention towards caring for seniors feet in appropriate ways in order to avoid the various concerns, conditions, and diseases that can afflict them.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Benefits of Early Diagnosis

There are many changes in health and behaviour that come along with the process of growing older, and seniors will have to navigate new challenges as they continue to age. While a large portion of these changes are nothing more than normal aspects of the aging process, some differences relating to mental processing, memory, thinking patters, and mood might indicate the presence of greater overarching issues that necessitate further attention from healthcare professionals in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert. If you start to feel worried that a senior in your life is demonstrating a set of symptoms that appear consistent with those associated with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, make an appointment with a healthcare professional as promptly as possible.

Managing Diabetes with Seniors in Greater Edmonton

Diabetes, and the symptoms with which it is associated, impacts an incredible number of Canadians of varying ages, from diverse backgrounds. When it comes to seniors, the challenges that accompany Diabetes can be increasingly difficult to manage as a result of the more delicate state of overall health in which many seniors find themselves in older age. In order to ensure that all needs are being appropriately met and attended to, it is important that caregivers and loved-ones of seniors with Diabetes familiarize themselves with information regarding the nature of the disease, how it affects seniors’ bodies and lifestyles, and what steps can be taken to improve the quality of life that seniors with Diabetes live on a day-to-day basis.

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