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Encouraging Seniors to Take Their Medication – Edmonton

Being prescribed various medications is very common for seniors, and while just taking the medications recommended by medical professionals may seem like a no-brainer, the reality for seniors can be more complicated. Thoughts, emotions, worries, capacities, and other barriers exist that impair seniors’ ability or willingness to take the medications they are prescribed, so it is important that loved-ones and caregivers make themselves aware of the various thoughts, emotions, judgements, and limitations that may get in the way of allowing seniors to stick to their medication plans, in order to help seniors take proper care of themselves while also being respectful of their points of view.

The Importance of Proper Nutrition for Seniors – Edmonton

As we grow older and our bodies evolve and change with the process of aging, nutritional requirements change too.
Seniors have a different set of nutritional needs in their older years than they did when they were younger, and many seniors’ diets are not properly altered to meet their bodies’ needs. To promote the best possible state of health and wellbeing, seniors and their caregivers should make themselves aware of what their bodies require in terms of vitamins, nutrients, and types of food.

The Value of Intergenerational Relationships for Seniors – Edmonton

Building and caring for new relationships, as well as strengthening existing ones, is a deeply important thing that adds fulfillment and meaning to seniors’ lives. As we move through different stages of life we come to learn and understand how valuable it is to forge connections with peers that are going through the same things we are at around the same time, because similarities often support an important level of understanding between individuals. For this reason, the vast majority of our friends and close relationships often end up being created within the bounds of our generation or within the same general age group as us. Groups that exist within our communities are often separated by age, but the truth is that there are a whole bunch of positive outcomes that can come from bringing people from different generations and age groups together to learn from one another and build strong, valuable, and fulfilling relationships beyond the boundaries of age or generation.

The Therapeutic Power of Animals – Edmonton

Finding little sources of comfort, calm, and joy is deeply important for seniors as they navigate the challenges and changes that come with older age. While everyone finds peace and calm in different places, a wonderful avenue worth exploring is the therapeutic power that time spent with animals can have. Animal Assisted Therapy is a unique type of therapy that can be deeply enriching and beneficial for seniors in any condition, and can be a fun and calming way to work towards a better state of wellbeing.

Strategies for Communicating with Seniors with Dementia – Edmonton

The experience of receiving a diagnosis of Dementia can be deeply disheartening, concerning, and life-altering for seniors and their families alike. Along with the realities that accompany Dementia are the disheartening and upsetting facts that friends and family must often face related to the changes in seniors’ ability to interact, communicate and, connect in the same way as they could earlier in their lives. Despite this, it is important not to abandon hope or assume that trying to communicate effectively is a lost cause. Even the smallest or most fleeting of moments during which a sense of connectedness is experienced can be so incredibly meaningful, and there are strategies that can help facilitate and nurture better communication with seniors who have Dementia that can help to bring those special moments to fruition. Even as new challenges present themselves, remember that there is always room for hope.

Strategies for Keeping Seniors Safe from Scams – Edmonton

Nowadays, the fact that contact details and other personal information is easier to access than ever before, means that scams are more widespread and prevalent than they ever have been in the past. Unfortunately, seniors are among the people most often targeted by scammers, so it is super important that seniors and their caregivers come to understand how to best to protect themselves from scams.

The Value of Respite Care – Edmonton

The meaningful bonds and connections that can be built and intensified as you care for someone that you love can be incredibly fulfilling and deeply rewarding. While the emotionally enriching and relationally stirring feelings that can come from a caring relationship are undeniable, another reality of caregiving is that it can often be stressful, overwhelming, and draining. The often all-consuming nature of considering needs and delivering care can alter caregiver’s feelings of health and wellbeing in negative ways that impact their capacity to take part in enjoyable aspects of their lives to the fullest extent. Taking on the entire breadth of responsibility for the provision of care at all times requires a great deal of work and sacrifice for one person to carry on their own, and people who are committed to caregiving must also remember that making sure their own needs are met should be made a priority as well. It can be difficult to prioritize your own health and wellbeing when you are so deeply dedicated to pouring yourself in to caring for another person, but exploring the option of Respite Care, which is designed to address this very problem, could be a positive way to bring about a greater sense of balance and ease.

Occupational Therapy for Seniors – Edmonton

Throughout the duration of the ageing process, seniors encounter a whole host of different changes that alter the ways in which they are able to perform everyday tasks as they did when they were a bit younger. For seniors, it can be hard on both an emotional and a physical level to accept the fact that changes are taking place that alter performance in areas of life that were fulfilling and generated a sense of empowerment and independence. Seniors troubled by how to best adjust and move forward with their new realities might be able to benefit from engaging in Occupational Therapy to help them deal with challenges and make arrangements that allow them to continue living independent and enriching lives.

Smoking Cessation for Seniors – Edmonton

Despite the fact that information regarding the harmful impacts that smoking has upon the health of our bodies is widespread, many seniors continue to smoke. The factors that motivate people to continue smoking are varied and diverse, whether smoking is nostalgic, a coping mechanism, a stable habit, or a deep-seated addiction. No matter what fuels an individual’s smoking habit, the act of smoking is a very challenging behaviour to quit. In order to reach a better state of overall health and wellbeing, it is crucial that seniors make moves towards ceasing smoking. While the task of letting go of a well-established habit or addiction is daunting and will undoubtedly be difficult, with the right support, strategies, and encouragement, seniors can work towards smoking cessation and can improve their health in important ways.

The Benefits of Reading for Seniors’ Wellbeing – Edmonton

Reading can give us an opportunity for a little bit of escape from the realities of our everyday lives, and can also allow us to feel any emotion on the spectrum, including joy, calm, and peace. Reading can be a wonderful hobby for people of any age, and many seniors enjoy the simple act of sitting down for a while with a book. With so many choices of things to read in the forms of books, magazines, newspapers, web-content, poetry, or any other collection of words, there is enough reading material out in the world to suit any interest, and the options are always expanding. More than just a fun and interesting hobby, reading also involves a whole host of different mental exercises that are incredibly helpful for the aging brain.

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