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Foot Care for Seniors

Our feet work hard to carry us through our daily lives, and keeping them healthy is essential for continued mobility and the sense of independence that accompanies it. Having feet that are in a state of ill-health can come to impact seniors’ lives in hugely meaningful ways. Caring for one’s own feet can become more challenging for seniors, and it can become easy to neglect podiatric health, but it is important to implement support systems, relevant forms of care, and other strategies that direct attention towards caring for seniors feet in appropriate ways in order to avoid the various concerns, conditions, and diseases that can afflict them.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Benefits of Early Diagnosis

There are many changes in health and behaviour that come along with the process of growing older, and seniors will have to navigate new challenges as they continue to age. While a large portion of these changes are nothing more than normal aspects of the aging process, some differences relating to mental processing, memory, thinking patters, and mood might indicate the presence of greater overarching issues that necessitate further attention from healthcare professionals in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert. If you start to feel worried that a senior in your life is demonstrating a set of symptoms that appear consistent with those associated with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, make an appointment with a healthcare professional as promptly as possible.

Managing Diabetes with Seniors in Greater Edmonton

Diabetes, and the symptoms with which it is associated, impacts an incredible number of Canadians of varying ages, from diverse backgrounds. When it comes to seniors, the challenges that accompany Diabetes can be increasingly difficult to manage as a result of the more delicate state of overall health in which many seniors find themselves in older age. In order to ensure that all needs are being appropriately met and attended to, it is important that caregivers and loved-ones of seniors with Diabetes familiarize themselves with information regarding the nature of the disease, how it affects seniors’ bodies and lifestyles, and what steps can be taken to improve the quality of life that seniors with Diabetes live on a day-to-day basis.

Benefits of Acupuncture for Seniors

While conventional medicine irrevocably offers an invaluable set of tools important for the processes of diagnosing, addressing, managing, and treating the numerous health concerns that seniors may face as they grow older, there are also alternative forms of medicine that can benefit seniors in their own valuable ways and can offer additional relief and support for seniors as they navigate the difficulties and challenges that come along with their changing conditions of health. One of the types of alternative medicine that has been proven to be of benefit for many seniors experiencing a whole host of health conditions is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a practice that has been trusted and celebrated by individuals working through various health problems, and this form of treatment has become readily accessible in many regions, including Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and St. Albert.

The Effects of Dehydration for Seniors

Proper Hydration is a key factor for Seniors in maintaining their overall health. With medications, health appointments, physical exercises, eating well, and maintaining a healthful daily routine, growing old can seem to involve an unending list of decisions, behaviours, and tasks that seniors and their loved ones need to manage on a constant basis. With so many factors to keep track of, it is easy for some things to get forgotten or pushed to the back-burner in favour of prioritizing other tasks that feel more imperative to the maintaining of seniors’ health. One of the things that is rarely given as much attention as it requires is the practice of making sure seniors stay well hydrated on a consistent basis throughout the day.

Hypertension in Seniors

An incredible number of people in Canada, and throughout the rest of the world, are faced with high blood pressure, known as Hypertension, and the various challenges that accompany the condition. It is widely known that leading a healthy lifestyle can help to decrease a person’s risk of developing hypertension, but the reality is that the vast majority of people do not feel the urgency or importance of engaging in healthy behaviours and making healthy choices until they themselves begin to experience the symptoms of hypertension, at which point it is less a matter or prevention and more a matter of managing the already present effects that hypertension can have.

Art Therapy for Seniors in Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St Albert

Caring for an elderly loved one necessitates that a lot of care and thoughtful intention must go into attending to and meeting the various physical needs and challenges that arise for seniors as a part of growing old. In pursuit of the ultimate goal of protecting and maintaining seniors’ overall health and wellbeing, we organize medical appointments, monitor medication, and provide support with physical and mental exercises and activities, among other things. While each of these medically-centred activities is undeniably crucial for the promotion of seniors’ health, it can also be fruitful to dedicate time to exploring and participating in non-medical activities, such as those that are creatively nurturing, to reap the many benefits that these alternative therapies can have upon seniors’ overall state of wellbeing.

Talking to Seniors about their Mental Health

Opening a dialogue about mental health can be difficult, overwhelming, and stressful for the individuals involved, but there are strategies that can help! Making sure that a sincere conversation concerning mental health is opened in an engaging way can give seniors an outlet, and can help to make sure that all possible matters of concern are sufficiently attended to. When combined with all of the other cognitive and physical changes and adjustments that seniors are working through as a part of older age, mental health problems, if left unaddressed, can have a significant and meaningful effect on seniors’ quality of life.

Seniors and Isolation Issues in Greater Edmonton

Routine, reliable, and immersive social interaction is deeply important for promoting a positive state of overall health and wellbeing in all phases of life. Thoughtful, meaningful, and reciprocal relationships with friends and loved-ones allow us to remain connected to the communities and greater world contexts that surround us, reminding us not only that we have the opportunity and ability to care deeply about others, but also that others can feel a sense of love and care towards us. Interacting with other people in meaningful ways should be a staple feature of day-to-day life for all of us at any age. The unfortunate reality for many seniors, however, is that loneliness and isolation are much more predominant aspects of life than the sense of connectedness that is so deeply important for the health and wellbeing for our aging loved-ones. Seniors and Isolation Growing older is often accompanied by various new realities that, unfortunately, increase the level of difficulty that seniors experience as they try to create and maintain relationships and the associated feeling of connectedness. The following is a list of only a few possible contributors to the feelings of loneliness or isolation experienced by seniors: Children or grandchildren are not in close proximity Death of a spouse or partner Loss of existing friendship groups or networks Worries about burdening others Fears related to leaving the house, as a result of diminished mobility or symptoms of illness Greater difficulty communicating, as a result of speech or hearing problems  Consequences of Isolation in Seniors Many seniors view remaining at home alone as the simpler option compared to endeavouring to navigate the...

February is Heart Month – Coping with Heart Disease at Home

February is Heart Month! Over a million Canadians are living with heart disease presently, and seniors must take special attention.
Last year, the Canadian Heart Health Strategy and Action Plan expressed new resolve to improve the nation’s heart health through increasing heart research, creating built environments that encourage more physical activity, promoting healthier dietary choices, and training more doctors. For Canadians who are living with heart disease today, effective management of the condition is a joint endeavour between patient, healthcare provider, and family caregivers. Most people with heart disease prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home rather than move to a nursing home or other care community. Families want to honor the senior’s choice – but they worry about whether their loved one is secure living on their own.

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