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Can an Apple a Day Really Keep the Doctor Away? – Edmonton

Apple A Day – EdmontonCan an apple a day really help to keep us healthy and keep the doctor away?

Apples are a tasty and enjoyable snack that many people enjoy, but they can be so much more than that. Apples have many nutritional properties that can help to keep seniors healthy, and incorporating them into seniors’ rotation of snacks can yield positive benefits.

The Benefits

The following are some of the many benefits that seniors can reap from making Apples a regular part of their diet:

  • Weight Management: The high fiber content within Apples means that they can help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, and this can help prevent overeating and can help with the management of healthy weight. Apples can also be helpful for maintaining a healthy gut, which can be helpful for weight as well.
  • Heart Health: Apples can help to encourage healthier levels of cholesterol in the body because of their high fiber content, and have also been shown to help create lower-blood pressure. Some scientific studies have indicated that Apples can help to reduce the risks of both heart disease and stroke.
  • Brain Health: Fruits, vegetables, and other plant foods have been shown to be beneficial for promoting brain health and cognitive function. For this reason, Apples can play a part in keeping the brain healthy.
  • Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Fruit can help to stabilize blood sugar, and multiple studies have indicated that having Apples as a regular part of a person’s diet can help them to have about a 23% lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Lower Cancer Risk: Apples are very high in antioxidants, which are commonly cited as a cancer-fighting helper.

Apples are, therefore, powerful little fruits that can be great for seniors’ health in numerous ways. Eating the raw fruit, skin and all, is the best way to get all the nutrients and benefits, but Apples can also be cooked into things and can be eaten in a great variety of ways to keep things interesting and enjoyable.


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