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How Consuming Media Helps Keep Seniors Connected – Edmonton

How Consuming Media Helps Keep Seniors Connected – Edmonton Engaging with different forms of media can, in fact, be something that does more for seniors than just help pass the time.

Many of us tend to view consuming media such as TV and movies solely as a leisure activity that doesn’t have a whole lot of value. The reality, however, is that interacting with various forms of media can be a great way for seniors to connect to the ever-changing realities of the world, as well as to reconnect to themselves and their pasts.

 Remembering the Old

When thinking through the trajectory of our lives, most of us can remember the types of media we were consuming at different stages. We remember certain ages in relation to the music we were listening to, the books we were reading, or the shows and movies we were watching at the time that helped to inform our worldviews and shape who we were and what we thought about things. For seniors, going back and reengaging with some of the old favourites that remind them of their pasts can be a great way to reconnect to memories or a sense of self that needs remembering.

 Learning the New

There is so much going on in the world these days and things seem always to be moving, evolving, and changing into something new. For seniors, it can often feel overwhelming to try to keep up with all the new things, and new information. Consuming media in all its various forms can be a great way for seniors to engage with what is going on right now and to pick up new knowledge that can help them to engage in intergenerational relationships, as well as with their peers. Through media, we can learn what developments are being made, what things are popular, what new worldviews are becoming more prevalent, and what things from the past are being left behind in favour of new, more informed ideals. For seniors, simply watching a TV show or movie, listening to a new album, or reading a new book can help them to relate in a new way to the world around them and to the other people in their lives.

 What Media?

There are so many kinds of media that are accessible and available to seniors, and can help them to connect.

  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Paper Books
  • Digital Books
  • TV Shows
  • Movies
  • Websites
  • Music
  • Streaming Services

The list of places and mediums through which seniors can engage with the modern world and the past is endless and there is something that is available for everyone, whether their preference is to watch, listen, or read.

Interacting with new knowledge and ideas through the media can give seniors new things to talk about with their friends and family members, as well as new topics for discussion when forging new relationships. There are many social opportunities that can come out of enjoying various forms of media, and seniors can join book clubs, interest groups, movie watching clubs and many other communities.

Media consumption can, in essence, help seniors to grow as individuals, strengthen or build relationships, reconnect to their pasts, and become more well-versed in the ideas of the present.

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