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How Volunteering Can Enrich Seniors’ Lives – Edmonton

When we think of Volunteering, we think about dedicating our time and energy to helping to support others in our community. The act of Volunteering is itself motivated by kindness and dedication to doing all we can to help others, but it can also have impacts on our own lives that are beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing.

Dealing with Seasonal Allergies in Spring and Summer– Edmonton

While the warm weather brings with it a fresh season of beauty, warmth, and sunshine, things like pollen and other common allergens also pop up during this time of year. Seasonal Allergy symptoms don’t discriminate based on age, so seniors are just as likely as their younger counterparts to have to face the symptoms of Seasonal Allergies. When coupled with existing health conditions and symptoms from other health problems, Allergies can often feel especially difficult to deal with for seniors, but there are some ways to try and reduce exposure to allergens and keep Allergy symptoms to a minimum.

Benefits of Learning a New Language – Edmonton

There is a common misconception that seniors are too old to learn a new language. While it is true that younger brains can often pick up new languages more easily, it is absolutely untrue that seniors are unable to learn another language just because they are older. With some work and dedication, seniors can pick up on the patterns and nuances that are required to learn a new language and can become fluent.

The Benefits of Gardening for Seniors – Edmonton

Gardening is an activity that allows for creativity, physical movement, interaction with nature, and a whole host of other positive features. Spending time outside working in the garden is a hobby that many seniors enjoy in the warm-weather months, but it can be more than just a fun way to pass the time.

Caring for Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease – Edmonton

Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative neurological disease that is progressive in nature. Parkinson’s is more common in men than in women, and is also more common among older adults than younger ones. Genetics is also a risk factor when it comes to Parkinson’s, as individuals with a family member with Parkinson’s are more likely to develop the disease themselves.

Using Colour as a Tool for Wellbeing – Edmonton

When it comes to seeking a better state of emotional health and wellbeing, there are so many possible avenues to explore both within the bio-medical realm and outside of it with more alternative therapies and techniques. Colour Therapy, also referred to as Chromotherapy is a practice that makes use of colour to promote feelings of wellbeing and help seniors address different areas of their emotional health.

Seniors and Stroke – Edmonton

Stroke is among the most common causes of serious injury or death among seniors. A Stroke, and the changes that may come as a result of this health event, can cause meaningful changes in seniors’ lives. Understanding what a Stroke is and what steps you can take to minimize your risk can be important, especially when moving up in age. Stroke? A Stroke takes place when a blockage of blood-flow to the brain occurs suddenly, and the impacts that a Stroke has upon the body are largely determined by which areas of the body receive blood from the blocked vessel. Risk Factors A Stroke is something that can happen to anyone at any time in their lives, but the risk does significantly increase with greater age (particularly after the age of 55). For this reason, seniors are generally at a higher risk of stroke simply because of their age, but there are also other lifestyle and health related risk factors that seniors should be aware of so that they can modify their lifestyles and tend to their wellbeing in ways that address these potential problems. High Blood Pressure Obesity ( and Poor Diet/Lack of Activity) Diabetes Smoking High Cholesterol What are the Signs? Getting medical attention immediately is essential when it comes to a Stroke. The following are some signs that you can look out for that signal a need for immediate medical attention: Droopy Face Inability to Raise Both Arms Slurred Speech Because the areas of the body impacted by the Stroke may vary depending on the blood vessel that has the blockage, there is variation in the...

The Negative Health Impacts of Boredom for Seniors – Edmonton

Being bored is a natural part of life. We all have moments in our day or times in our week where we don’t have anything interesting to do or just can’t find anything that grabs our attention enough to keep us stimulated and engaged. Occasional boredom is alright, but some seniors who find themselves feeling more bored in their older age than they ever have before may find themselves beginning to worry that boredom will become a staple of their everyday lives as they grow older. There are many ways that seniors can banish boredom and keep themselves interested and happy in the goings-on of their everyday lives, it just takes a little exploration and planning to find the things that work for them.

Health Benefits of Chocolate – Edmonton

Many of us love chocolate, but there is more to this yummy treat than just great taste. If you have been looking for a good excuse to eat some chocolate, look no further. It turns out that dark chocolate has a whole host of positive health benefits that can be great for seniors and their overall health. The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate Chocolate in its purest and healthiest forms is high in antioxidants and can be great for health in the following ways: Promotion of Heart Health (Lowering of Blood Pressure, Clot and Stroke Reduction, Improved Circulation) Potential Cancer Fighting Abilities (As a result of Flavonoids) Good for Cholesterol Levels (Cocoa Butter has Healthy Monounsaturated Fats) Better Cognitive Function (Flavonoids can be great for Brain Health) Blood Sugar Balance Skin Health (Protection from Sun Damage) Better Mood (Releases Endorphins) On top of these great benefits to health, chocolate also just tastes great, and seniors can feel good about an indulgence that is also great for their bodies and minds. Moderation is Key As is the case with many of life’s great joys and pleasures, moderation is key. Even with all of the wonderful health benefits that chocolate can offer seniors, eating an excess can have its downsides. Chocolate can be high is both calories and caffeine, so while seniors should allow themselves to enjoy some chocolate, they should also use some discretion and try not to go overboard. The problem with chocolate is that many of the processed treats and chocolatey junk foods are full of additives, sugars, dairy, and various other ingredients that overshadow the healthy aspects...

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